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The purpose of this association shall be:
1. To perform all acts appropriate to a non-profit scientific, literary and educational corporation dedicated to the promotion and development of environmental quality standards; and
2. To preserve, enhance and protect the advantages of Saturday Pond and its environs.

Coming Events

Next Annual Meeting: Sunday, July 21 2024 10 AM Pond View Beach 1 (Changes due to weather will be posted here)


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Boating Safety

Boating Safety Brochure (500 KB PDF file)

Invasive Plant Flyer 


Spring 2024 Newsletter (PDF file)

October 2023 Trustees Meeting Minutes (PDF file)

Maine Loon Restoration Newsletter 2024

July 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes (PDF file)

June 2023- New Maine law requiring boats be drained before launching:


Watershed Survey Information

The Watershed Association, working with the Maine DEP, conducted a Watershed Survey on Saturday, April 26, 2008. Thank you to all the volunteers and members of the Maine DEP that helped with the survey!

Watershed Survey Final Report (2MB PDF file)

Watershed Survey Brochure (2MB PDF file)

Watershed Map



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