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Saturday Pond Water Testing Programs

Plant Survey

Thanks to Lead Surveyor Susan LaFleur and her team of Amy Brown, Julie Ywoskus and Robin Nureck for conducting the 2019 survey.

September 2019 Results (1.3M PDF file)

A special thanks for Pixie Williams for sharing her expertise and time for conducting the tests through 2009!

August 2009 Results (2M PDF file)

Here is Pixie's report - Dated August 6, 2007:

It was a joy to do the botanical survey of Saturday Pond. Here are the results.

  1. No invasive plants.
  2. The grass mats are chunks of basal rosettes, (roots and basal leaves) of 2 species, Pipewort and Water Lobelia. It is quite normal to see a few of these rosettes floating in the water, but not the huge chunks of material we found floating mostly in the northwestern side of the pond. I think it may be the work of motor boats or water skiers. Something has dredged it up.
  3. As Fred Cummings reported last year, you have a very significant population of a species of concern, The Chinese Mystery Snail in the southern sections, particularly around Sam's Landing and the dam. This is an invasive species which the State is just beginning to document. These snails are hard to eliminate and they do carry parasites. Not much you can do at the moment. Ask me for more info if you want it.

Best wishes, Pixie Williams

July 2005 Results (614K PDF file)